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The Wood Technology Research Centre at the University of Canterbury was fully established at the end of 1996 as a means of information exchange among staff engaged in wood-related research, to facilitate the shared use of research facilities, enhance research programmes and to promote technology transfer to end users.

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Excellent paper award in ICBT 2012
Dr Mook Tzeng Lim, Dr Woei-Lean Saw and Professor Shusheng Pang in the Department of Chemical and Process received an excellent paper award in the International Conference on Biomass-Energy Technologies (ICBT) held in Nanjing, China, 22-24 October 2012. The paper title is Investigation of Hydrodynamics in a Dual Fluidised Bed Steam Gasifier using a Cold Model: the Effect of Fluidising Agent of the gasification Performance.
Dr Lim is currently a Postdoctoral researcher in the Green Technology Research Centre, Universiti Teknologi Petronas in Malaysia.

Professor A S Mujumdar Medal for Outstanding Mentorship and Excellence in Drying Research
Professor Emeritus Roger Keey, the Erstwhile Director of the WTRC, was conferred this medal at the 18th International Drying Symposium (IDS2012) held in Xiamen, China, November 2012. A key requirement for the medal recipient is that he or she should have mentored a number of researchers who are independently making outstanding contribution to drying R&D. This naturally limits the number of potential awardees around the world who have contributed to sustained and innovative R&D in this specialized highly mutli-disciplinary field combining transport phenomena with material science.



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